Death by Sun

Updated: Oct 19

We are slowly watching our Sun expand and become brighter by the day, and in a few billion years, it may be at its most luminous and biggest in size, and might destroy the earth, likely bringing an end to "Human Civilization".

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In the event of the most dangerous threat to human civilization that could eventually end the human race and stop their extinction, humans will have to search for a new home or go through this much technological advance to move the whole planet to another solar system.

A stable wormhole can be made that can be open for a long time to relocate the earth. The earth could also be accelerated to escape the solar system by making giant thrusters all around its surface, stopping the rotation of the world, and setting off on a voyage away from the sun. Jupiter's gravity and the Sun's gravity will help the Earth to escape the solar system.

Natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions occur when Earth stops spinning.

Taking steps to save people from disasters, as well as from bone-breaking cold that could lead to an ice age, requires deep digging under the surface.

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Creating large underground cities where people can live for at least 5000 years is necessary to maintain the underground population and hope for a new world where people can live comfortably. Everything will remain the same as before.

People need to have many skills and the ability to survive in harsh conditions in order to travel for so long.

To maintain cities and Earth, we must produce new young ones capable of traveling this many light years between solar systems. By taking these steps, human civilization will be at risk, but humanity can save the planet from becoming a burning ball by extending the limits of technology.

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It will help the next generation to become accustomed to living in these types of conditions by having to deal with new challenges each day.

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