Ever wondered to travel 100s of leagues in a fraction of minutes?

Updated: Jul 13

Ever wondered to travel 100s of leagues in a fraction of minutes?

Yes, I know it is not possible for us yet but interestingly you can do it by using a "WORMHOLE".

•What is Wormhole?

A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for a

long journey across the universe. It is just like a tunnel we use it to cross mountains by making holes in them so we can travel more distance in less time.

That's how the wormhole works, it makes the tunnel between different universes and makes the journey shorter, but it brings the danger of sudden collapse, high radiation, and dangerous contact with exotic matter.

•Wormhole Theory-

In 1935, Einstein and physicist Nathan Rosen used the theory of general relativity to elaborate on the idea, proposing the existence of "bridges" through space-time. These bridges connect two different points in space-time, theoretically creating a shortcut that could reduce travel time and distance. The shortcuts came to be called Einstein Rosen bridges, or wormholes.

After it, many hypotheses come that believe we can create wormholes for space travel and exploration of the new universe.

•Humans ever produce a wormhole?

Till now we are still working to make a wormhole but it needs a lot of gravitational energy-something we don't yet know how to do.

Many scientists believe that an artificial wormhole created by stagnates can only stay open for up to 38 min without an extremely powerful energy source powering the dialing gate. (Dr. McKay, "First strike"). After that relativistic effects come into play.

• What will happen if you enter a wormhole?

Theoretically, if we can create a wormhole and complete all the demands of traveling from it and have the knowledge of traveling through it.

We can travel from the wormhole and maybe experience the same thing as we travel from space.

• If a wormhole can suck earth, what will happen?

After entering the wormhole our earth will be transported to the new universe where time and space will be different and it has a very low possibility that our earth will enter the solar system and get into the habitable zone.

Without the sun and planets, our gravity will change drastically which lead to earthquakes, tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, and cause a total Apocalypse. Everything on earth will die and become cold, dry/hot, and molten.

Or we have the chance that while traveling from the wormhole our earth will collapse to some other Celestial bodies or get dropped into a black hole.

Whatever happens, we have a very low chance to get a good habitable zone in any other solar system.