What happens when two totality collide?

Scientists believe that after the Big Bang, cosmic matter disperses uniformly in space. But in 2013, ESA's (European space agency) plank satellite generated a Cosmic Microwave Background image which showed scientists that the dispersion of cosmic matter was non-uniform in space.

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In the last few years, we got to know about multiple universes. There is 'n' number of universes with different physical laws and types of environments. An estimate for the expansion rate of the Universe is 73 kilometers per second per megaparsec plus or minus 1. Due to expansion, they always move and collide. Scientists believe that in the past, there must have been a collision that created a hole in the bubble universe from which energy was released. As we can see in the above image, the blue area is the cold area from which the energy is released, and the red area is the hot area where energy is stored. It looks like bubbles that are free to move. They touch and move away.

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When two universes collide, it creates a shockwave that makes a hole in the bubble universe, but what happens if they hit each other with full potential? Mass destruction! The end of many galaxies and celestial bodies!

There are many types of collisions, and some of them are:

1. Cosmic Inflation Theory - There are multiple universes, many of them have done their expansion, and their expansion rate becomes slow. Because of this, the formation of the alternative earth has already been done, and the goldilocks zone of the sun is already reached. The sun's temperature is at its highest point, the fusion of oxygen and carbon is over, and there is no free oxygen. Just imagine if these bodies hit our earth, that will be the end of the universe.

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2. Quantum Theory of Multiverse- There is a parallel universe and its outcomes are different, like the Theia and mars collision when they collide it increases the mass and the gravity of the planet and makes the possibility of life on it, with different types of species and forms a habitable planet. This collision will not be destructive, but it will be a peaceful collision. Planets will have a new atmosphere, and we might see a new type of species in our solar system or even on the earth like in a sci-fi movie.

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3. Finite Universe Theory- This theory states that there are limited types of matter, forces, and energy, which can have a limited number of combinations, and after some time, they will repeat. In that case, we can only see limited universes.

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4. Mirror image universe- At the time of the Big Bang, the Universe was made of two things Matter and Anti-Matter. As we know, time does not stop for anybody. There is a possibility that anti-matter universes touch the peak of the future and come back to a singularity. But when it merges with our universe, we won't be able to detect it. We cannot detect anti-matter in the cosmic microwave background, and hence are unable to detect the anti-matter universe bubbles.